The Tentacles Sessions

by The Bell Riots

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Anna C. - guitar, vox
Westy- drums, backing vox
Sean P. - bass


released February 13, 2012

Recorded by our friend Travis Beall in his home studio, mastered at Sweatbox Studios in Austin, TX.



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The Bell Riots Austin, Texas

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Track Name: '45
Well if I were a record, I'd be a '45
If I were a record, I'd be a '45
Spinning little and fast round a three minute path
Made outta plastic but you know I'm gonna last
Stacked up in a dusty box in a corner of your flat
Bring in what you got and then the man will give you cash

If you got the money, I'll meet you at the show
Yeah, when you get the money, I'll meet you at the show
I'll be way out in space, I will not say hello
I ride with the bass, it's a freewheeling flow
Boys step down on my feet, shoving elbows flail about
Cigarette smoke's in my face, I've quit, I step out

He showed up at the party, and made me spill my drink
He showed up at the party, and then I spilled my drink
Skirt soaked in gin before I could even think
You need him real bad, he'll be gone in just a blink
He wrecked my car and brought another girl into his bed
If he gets close to this guitar, I'll knock his sorry head
Track Name: Amarah's Tentacles
Twenty years ago there was an accident
At the nuclear plant by her parents' house
It's a shock she was even conceived
The other kids in the town
Are scared, they don't want her around
But all I wanna do is squeeze Amarah's tentacles

Behind her back, they say "Octopus", "Zippy Squid" and "Mutant Girl"
But I see her in a different light
If I get too close, do you think
She'll be frightened, and spray me with ink?
I don't care, I need to squeeze Amarah's tentacles

I suppose it might seem pretty odd
To date a girl who is part cephalopod
But how I long to squeeze Amarah's tentacles
How I long to tease Amarah's tentacles
How I long to please Amarah's tentacles
Track Name: Canada Clare
Positive mental focus
Therapeutic third eye integration daily
Feel her soul fly into the ether
Chaotic erotic rebirth lying there
Why you wanna move to Canada? Why do you wanna move to France?
Why you wanna move to Portland, Oregon? When will you take off your pants?

Boogie down, emotion
Embrace ego, intellect, diversity
Find her soul floating in the yerba mate
Run her life on sustainable energy
When will you dye all your hair bright red? Where will you put your next tattoo?
You're never listening, you're texting on your phone
In between bites of tofu

When will your folks buy you a hybrid car? What enlightenment do you seek?
Digital messages sent from the mountain sun
Or naked parties in the creek?
Why do you wanna move to Zanzibar? When will you see Tibet?
You say you're happy, girl, but you cannot decide
You ain't got out of Whole Foods yet